Custom Engineering offers multiple styles of grinding…

GrindingBlanchard or Rotary Grinding removes large amounts of surface stock providing excellent flatness and parallelism with a quality finish. Our rotary grinding facilities include a 72” rotary table accommodating an 84” swing and 22 “ height.

Our Supertec horizontal surface grinder provides precision flatness and parallelism as well as a smooth finish. Custom’s new surface grinder accommodates parts as large as 80 inches in width, 118 inches in length and 18 inches in height.

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Rotary Grinding

GrindingRotary Grinding:

  • 72” Rotary Table
  • 84” Swing
  • 22” Height





Rotary Grinding


Surface Grinding:

  • 80” Width
  • 118” Length
  • 18” Height