Contract Custom Engineering for Heavy Metal Fabrication of Industrial Machinery Bases and Skids

Custom Engineering / Mar. 30 2023
Heavy Metal Fabrication of Industrial Machinery Bases and Skids

Contract Custom Engineering for Heavy Metal Fabrication of Industrial Machinery Bases and Skids

From our 200,000 square foot facility in Erie, PA, Custom Engineering Co has been reliably serving industries ranging from Defense to Power Generation with their heavy metal fabrication needs. With over 65 years in business, we have fabricated industrial equipment bases and skids that OEMs trust to keep their machinery anchored and operating as intended. Our team maintains an ISO certification and regularly completes work in accordance with AWS and ASME codes. Our ISO QA program and experience working within these codes ensures that we can perform even the most challenging heavy metal fabrication work you may need completed. As you read further, you will be able to learn more about our capabilities and team. Before moving on, you can send us your drawings right now so we can begin our review and offer you a competitive quote.

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ITAR Registered and Trusted by the Defense Industry, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, and Beyond

Due to the size and weight capacity of the industrial skids and baseplates we manufacture being substantial, we are sought out by industries that require heavy duty metal fabrications. These industries include Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Transportation, Defense, and more. To be contracted for Defense-related work, we are ITAR registered and remain in regulatory  compliance throughout  each project. The industries we serve utilize some of the largest equipment imaginable and our capacity and capabilities ensure that we can manufacture the industrial skids and baseplates they require.

Industrial Machinery Skids and Bases We Fabricate Anchor Large OEM Equipment

The industries mentioned above trust Custom Engineering to manufacture the industrial machinery skids and bases that keep large and expensive OEM equipment secure. If your drawings call for heavy duty baseplates or industrial skids, we will be the fabricator to choose for the job. Examples of the types of equipment the baseplates we manufacture secure include gas and diesel turbines, generators, and compressors. We can manufacture these bases with flatness of .005” per linear square foot and a weight range of 2,500 lbs. up to 130,000 lbs. Uses at the high end of this weight spectrum include solutions like offshore oil rig platforms. If your drawings call for massive industrial skids or baseplates, Custom Engineering is here and ready to quote and complete your project with a brief turnaround time and exceptional quality.

Our Full Suite of Services Include AWS Certified Welding and Machining

The full suite of capabilities we offer includes AWS certified welding and CNC machining. Maintaining the team, equipment, and floor space to handle these services in house aids in our ability to efficiently fabricate industrial skids and bases. We handle heavy weldments in different forms such as GMAW, SAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SMAW and can weld in accordance with AWS D1.1, AWS D1.6, ASME Section IX, and more. Our CNC machining capacity is also built around handling large fabrications with the ability to handle components with lengths of 720” long and 186” wide.

We Are an ISO 9001 Certified Metal Fabricator That Guarantees Quality

When you contract Custom Engineering to fabricate industrial machinery bases and skids, we will be able to guarantee the quality of our work. We maintain an ISO 9001:2015 certification and our team has decades of experience maintaining our quality assurance program. While our ISO certified QA program is important, it is made simpler thanks to the quality of our work and our ability to maintain oversight of the entire fabrication process by manufacturing heavy duty baseplates and skids in house.

If you want to contract a fabricator of large metals for your industrial base or skids, we have the skill, equipment, capacity, and ISO certified QA program needed to get the job done promptly, correctly, and for a competitive price. Send us your drawings today so we can quote your heavy metal fabrication job.

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