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Custom Engineering / Apr. 11 2024

Custom Engineering offers the capacity, advanced equipment, and skilled workers required to complete heavy metal fabrication NADCAP jobs. We have the most experience with the defense and aerospace industry, as our NADCAP accreditation ensures that our work meets industry standards. Take a closer look at how our NADCAP accreditation factors into our heavy duty fabrication work, and discover some solutions we have provided for the aerospace and defense industries.


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Our NADCAP Accredited QA and Welding Programs Guarantee Industry Standards Are Met

Our skilled team has been performing in accordance with NADCAP accredited welding standards for decades abiding by a rigorous quality assurance program. We know that heavy metal fabrication for the DOD and DOE requires exact specifications and compliance with the highest industry standards, and our quality assurance program ensures that our available solutions are nothing less than the best.

Custom Engineering Maintains NADCAP Compliance with a 200,000 Square Foot Facility

At Custom Engineering, our heavy metal fabrication projects are carried out with a 200,000 square foot facility that allows our experts to take on jobs at a large scale. If you need heavy duty fabrications weighing up to 160,000 pounds or use base plates as large as 15’ by 60”, Custom Engineering can handle it all while maintaining our NADCAP accredited standards. In addition to our fabrication team and equipment, our large facility also houses our machine shop and paint booths. This allows us to accomplish everything in-house when it comes to fabrication jobs that require skilled welding and/or machining. Our quality control process is applied to every aspect of the process.

Completing Defense and Aerospace Heavy Metal Fabrication Projects From Start to Finish

With our facility size, skilled team, and state-of-the-art equipment, Custom Engineering can handle large fabrication jobs for the defense and aerospace industries from start to finish. Given our capacity and experience in tackling large scale projects from the ground up, we are open to quoting most heavy duty and complex fabrication jobs. With NADCAP accredited component welding of up to 60’ long and metal fabrication capabilities, our solutions for the DOD and DOE are extensive. These entities leave no room for error, but we are happy to abide by the strict specifications, quality control, and regulatory compliance that they require.

Regulatory Compliance at Custom Engineering Extends Beyond NADCAP

In addition to our NADCAP accredited solutions, Custom Engineering also maintains an NIST 800-171 registration. This registration ensures our commitment to safeguarding sensitive controlled unclassified information (CUI) on contractors’ networks. Entities in the defense industry can comfortably utilize our solutions for their next heavy metal fabrication NADCAP contract. Additionally, we are working toward earning a CMMC Level 3 certification by 2025, which will offer further assurances for securing CUI pertaining to government projects through 180 practices.

Timely Completion Can Be Expected When Contracting Custom Engineering

Working with our team ensures quality fabricated products for your OEM needs, but that is only the beginning. Custom Engineering additionally offers expert advice from our team and a guarantee that your project will be completed in a timely fashion. As a NADCAP accredited fabrication company, we are well acquainted with the importance of completing jobs on time while working within strict regulatory frameworks that the DOD and DOE require in their fabrication projects. When you are looking for a competitive quote for your next heavy metal fabrication NADCAP job, reach out to Custom Engineering.


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