Platen Refurbishing and Repair
Damaged and repaired platenMaintaining square and flat platens is critical to operational efficiencies. When platens become nicked, bent, gouged or damaged, they will produce imperfections in the end product. Often this will lead to additional costly finishing operations like additional sanding of particle board. We repair all types of platens restoring them to origional specifications.  

  • Platens for all Types of Presses
  • Increase Productivity
  • Complete Restoration
  • Test Reports Provided

Custom Engineering refurbishes and replaces Platens for nearly every make of hydraulic press in existence, regardless of the original manufacturer.

All Platens are inspected before and after refurbishment, and reports are furnished to the Customer. An obstruction in the flow pattern can cause temperature inconsistencies which can lead to your production problems. Custom Engineering`s refurbishing program includes flow and pressure testing, restoration of all threads and resurfacing. In some cases, a complete refurbishing program can increase productivity by supplying new Platens, new step hangers, and additional guides to increase the number of openings in a press.

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