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Custom Engineering / May. 19 2023
Heavy Metal Fabrication of Industrial Machinery Bases and Skids

Custom Engineering is the Trusted Pennsylvania Metal Fabrication Company for Heavy Duty Work

Working with the right heavy duty manufacturer for your next fabrication job will ensure prompt project completion, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing. Custom Engineering has become a trusted Pennsylvania metal fabrication company by providing all this and more since our founding over 65 years ago. In this article you will learn more about our capabilities and capacity. After you do so, we welcome the chance to quote and complete your next large scale fabrication job, and you can request a quote from us by phone or online to begin the process.

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200,000 Square Feet of Facility Space Provides the Capacity Needed for Large Fabrications

Large scale fabrication work cannot be completed in a small facility. This concept may seem obvious, but to describe this in numbers, Custom Engineering has the floor space needed for your heavy duty fabrication jobs. With 200,000 square feet of available space at our Erie, PA headquarters, we have enormous capacity to take on large fabrication jobs.

Defining Heavy Duty: How Large Can Custom Engineering’s Fabrications Be?

While heavy duty may be a term with many definitions, we want to help define it in the context of our work. To Custom Engineering, heavy duty fabrications mean parts that can weigh up to 160,000 pounds, and which can be as large as 15’ x 50’ if machining work is required. When no machining is needed, we are capable of producing substantially larger fabrications.

Additionally, though we are sought out to produce these larger fabrications, we can also complete jobs such as the manufacturing of smaller base plates that weigh around 2,500 pounds and can be sized in the 4’ x 8’ range. Regardless of the size of the metal fabrication you need, we will produce it with exceptional quality if it is within the aforementioned size range.

Weldments From AWS Certified Welders Are One Specialty Offered by Custom Engineering

One reason we have become a trusted Pennsylvania metal fabricator is due to our ability to complete every aspect of the fabrication process in-house. This includes heavy duty weldments. Our AWS certified welders are practiced in adjoining parts securely to assemble large fabrications. If your fabrication project requires the assembly of a large weldment, Custom Engineering can get the job done in-house and with work completed by welders certified by the AWS.

Select a Fabrication Company with an ISO Certified QA Program

We have been able to develop and maintain our reputation for quality fabrication work in part by following a strict ISO 9001:2015 QA program. As an ISO certified metal fabricator, Custom Engineering has a logical and practicable method in place to guarantee our work meets your specifications. Our team is thoroughly experienced in following this ISO certified QA program, which is designed to help us meet the quality guarantees provided in your contract.

Serving the Metal Fabrication Needs of OEMs in Defense, Construction, Shipping, and More

As an expert Pennsylvania metal fabrication company, we are sought out to perform work by a wide variety of industries. We frequently work with OEMs in Defense, construction, shipping, transportation, oil & gas, power generation, and even the amusement park industry that are in need of large scale fabrications. Companies in these industries have been able to trust Custom Engineering to get the job done.

The diverse group of industries we complete fabrications for has helped expand our team’s skillset. This has led us to become an even more efficient and talented fabricator with each large scale job we complete. Whether you operate in one of the above industries or another that has a need for a large fabrication job, we want to discuss your needs.

Request a Large Metal Fabrication Quote Today and Expect a Prompt Response

We take customer service as seriously as the quality of our metal fabrications. This means you can expect a prompt and thoughtful reply whenever you contact Custom Engineering for a quote or to discuss a potential project. We will utilize lessons learned throughout our decades in business to put together an offer that recognizes the most cost-efficient and timely way to complete your fabrication job.

If your need is within the expansive skillset of our Pennsylvania metal fabrication company, we will provide you with a competitive quote outlining what it will take to get the job done. If you select us to produce your fabrication, you can expect to be updated throughout our process, so you never feel out of the loop from start to finish.

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