"The Custom Advantage"

Custom Engineering Co. is the largest company of what is known as Custom Group Industries.  Custom Group Industries is comprised of three companies; Custom Engineering Co., Lamjen Inc., and Venango Machine Co.  Each company has its own unique and specialized areas of manufacturing.

Custom Engineering Plant FloorCustom Engineering Co. specializes in heated platens, design and fabrication of hydraulic presses, metal fabrications, prototype projects, large industrial fixture tooling and contract machining.  We typically concentrate on medium to large fabricated weldments with machining. We have a separate shop specifically for light weight weldments and another for platen machining.  We are also ISO-9001:2015 certified.

  • Large-scale metal fabrication with precision fit-up capabilibity
  • Contract machining holding close tolerence on large componets
  • Robotic and manual welding using GMAW or MIG, SMAW, FCAW, SAW,     GTAW
  • Complete assembly and testing of components and systems
  • Quality to ISO-9001:2015 certification


    Lamjen Machining

    Lamjen Inc. is a precision machine shop specializing in longer run contract.  Visit www.lamjen.com for more information.  Lamjen Inc. is an ISO-9001:2008 certified company.

    • Precision CNC machining services
    • CNC turning centers
    • Quality to ISO-9001:2015 certification

    Venango Machining - slottingVenango Machine Co. is known for specialized smaller platens and blanchard grinding services.  Additionally, Venango Machine Co. provides platen control systems and replacement parts.  Visit www.venangomachine.com for more information.

    • Electric Platens
    • Contact machining services
    • Deep hole drilling
    • Large-scale machining and milling
    • Surface grinding