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Heavy Metal Fabrication 

Large Scale Heavy Fabrication Services

Custom Engineering’s fully integrated contract manufacturing and machining services position us as a leading U.S. supplier of industrial metal fabrication and material processing. Custom specializes in the production of base plates and foundation plates, large oil pans, cooling and heating platens, pressure vessels, and hydraulic presses. All aspects of the industrial metal fabrication process are completed in-house, including heavy-duty weldments. Our AWS-certified welders are practiced in joining parts securely to assemble large fabrications. With more than 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space located in Erie, PA, Custom is ideally suited to meet the demands of OEMs both throughout the United States and globally.

Metal Fabrication

Heavy Weldments for Power Generation, Transportation, & More

The experts at Custom Engineering specialize in ASME and AWS certified heavy fabricated weldments that suit a variety of industries and applications. Our vast knowledge and experience in the power generation and transportation industries includes welded fabrications such as compressor housings, compressor bases, console bases, gas and steam turbine bases, skid bases, and more. Custom’s fabrication capabilities can accommodate products weighing up to 160,000 lbs.

Complex Fabrications for the Defense Industry

Custom’s welding capabilities can accommodate production of any fabricated weldments. Some of the industries that Custom currently serves include: military defense, transportation, construction, shipping and entertainment. Examples of these types of weldments include electrical enclosures, cabinets, shipping racks and skids, storage tanks, and amusement park rides.

baseplates and skids

Heavy Duty Baseplates, Skids, and Industrial Machinery Bases

Custom Engineering manufactures heavy-duty base plates, platforms, and foundations for industrial power generation systems. These massive base plates provide a rock-solid foundation for gas and diesel turbines, compressors, and generators. Custom’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process produces base plates and platforms that anchor some of the world’s leading OEM equipment. These bases maintain a flatness per linear foot of .001” and range from a 4’ x 8’ package weighing 2,500 lbs. to a 15’ x 50’ large-scale off-shore oil rig platform weighing 130,000+ lbs.

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Select a Fabrication Company with an ISO-Certified QA Program

At Custom Engineering, we have been able to develop and maintain our reputation for quality fabrication work in part by following a strict ISO 9001:2015 QA program. As an ISO-certified metal fabricator, Custom Engineering has a logical and practical method in place that guarantees our work meets your specifications. Our team is thoroughly experienced in following the ISO-certified QA program, which is designed to help us meet the quality guarantees provided in your contract. Taking advantage of an ISO 9001-certified fabrication company provides numerous benefits including improved customer confidence, constructive complaint resolution, continued procedural improvements, and ongoing optimization through a regular audit and review schedule.

ASME Certified Pressure Vessels

Custom Engineering manufactures pressure vessels that are ASME Section VIII Division I “U” Stamped. In accordance with ASME Section VIII Division I, these pressure vessels are used to contain gasses and liquids for a multitude of industries. Custom Engineering utilizes the design criteria, nondestructive examination techniques, and inspection standards provided in Division I for all manufactured pressure vessels that operate at both external and internal pressures that exceed 15 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG). We ensure strict adherence to ASME Code Rules and thorough testing of materials and welds yielding high-quality products and long-term customer satisfaction.

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