Custom Engineering Specializes in Heavy Duty Fabrication

Custom Engineering / Nov. 18 2022
heavy duty fabrication

Custom Engineering Specializes in Heavy Duty Fabrication in Erie, PA

Are you looking to contract with an experienced fabricator to complete a heavy duty fabrication job for an industrial application? If so, Custom Engineering has the facility, equipment, and skilled team needed to handle your job promptly and correctly. At our 200,000 square foot facility in Erie, PA, we have integrated contract manufacturing and contract machining operations that allow us to complete large scale heavy duty fabrication jobs ranging from specialties like foundation plates and base plates to heating platens and pressure vessels and beyond. We have the ISO 9001:2015 certified QA program needed to ensure quality and the decades of experience required to handle fabrication jobs properly. If you require the best available quality for your next challenging fabrication job, contact Custom Engineering today for a quote.

Fabricating Components up to 160,000 Pounds in Erie, PA

When we refer to the ability to take on heavy duty fabrication contracts, the term heavy duty is not an exaggeration. Custom Engineering can fabricate components weighing up to 160,000 pounds at our expansive Erie, PA facility. Examples of our sought-after work include fabricating base plates manufactured to secure valuable OEM equipment, an offshore oil rig platform weighing 130,000 pounds with dimensions of 15’ x 50’. We know how crucial it is to fabricate heavy duty components correctly, and our QA program, which we will outline below, is one of the important ways we ensure our fabrication quality meets the exacting demands of our contract customers’ drawings.

Choose an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Heavy Duty Fabrication Business with NADCAP Accreditation

You may be considering Custom Engineering for your next heavy duty manufacturing job because you have worked with us in the past or perhaps because you have learned about our reputation from a past contract fabrication customer. Alternatively, you may have found us online and are attempting to assess whether we are the correct fabrication specialist to choose for your next heavy duty job. If you are in the latter two groups, you can take comfort in knowing that we have certifications that back up and help us back up our reputation and ensure it is maintained with each heavy duty job our customers contract with us to complete. For example, we maintain a stringent ISO 9001:2015 certified QA program and have earned NADCAP accreditation to support our quality guarantees on aerospace related jobs. 

Specializing in ASME and AWS Certified Heavy Fabricated Weldments for Industrial Applications

At Custom Engineering we maintain an ASME U Stamp certification and an AWS certification to back up our expertise in heavy weldments for industrial applications including work for the Defense, Transportation, and even Amusement Park industries. Our welding specialties are sought after for jobs that call for manufacturing storage tanks, amusement park rides, electrical enclosures and more. One of our most popular specialties is our ability to manufacture ASME Section VIII Division I “U” Stamped pressure vessels. These vessels are relied upon by a wide range of industries to safely house a diverse array of chemicals and gasses. Given the importance of these pressure vessels functioning as intended, our team of welders are AWS certified and our ISO 9001:2015 certified QA program acts as a backstop to ensure desired quality is met on every job.

65 Years Completing Heavy Duty Manufacturing for OEMs and More

In addition to powerful equipment, an enormous facility, and industrial certifications we have earned and maintained, contracting with Custom Engineering is also valuable due to our experience. Our business has been successfully operating for 65 years, innovating and expanding our suite of capabilities along the way. This thorough experience, and the even deeper combined experience of our expert team members means that you can contract with Custom Engineering for the most complex and heavy duty fabrication jobs imaginable while still expect prompt completion of the work and guaranteed quality. Fabricating heavy duty components for industries like Defense and Transportation requires more than just the right equipment, it requires a team of fabrication, welding, and quality assurance experts 

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