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Custom Engineering / Jul. 3 2024
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A custom hydraulic press can be defined as any hydraulically powered press designed through collaborative efforts of engineers, designers, and product specialists to incorporate unique features, temperatures, or dimensions to achieve specialized tasks for a broad range of industries. Working with an accomplished and experienced custom hydraulic press manufacturer like Custom Engineering offers customers extreme versatility and flexibility in the form and function of their equipment to meet their exact specifications.

Decades of Hydraulic Design & Manufacturing Experience

Custom Engineering of Erie, PA, has been a leading custom hydraulic press manufacturer for nearly seven decades. Hydraulic presses manufactured at our facility have played a critical role in the technological advancements of countless industries and solidified Custom’s role as a premier manufacturer. Our staff utilizes the latest improvements in mechanical engineering technology, advanced software, and decades of combined industry experience to meet the exact press specifications. This article discusses some of the reasons or unique specifications that lead customers to pursue our services as a custom hydraulic press manufacturer, typical industries that use specialized equipment, and the types of custom presses we’ve manufactured. If you are interested in receiving a custom hydraulic press quote, please send us a message with more information; we will be happy to start the conversation!

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Why Work With a Custom Hydraulic Press Manufacturer?

Quite simply, we have the technical experience and manufacturing precision to devise optimized solutions that meet your demands. Our engineers have worked with customers to fabricate hydraulic presses with a wide range of specialized features to accommodate unique production methods or requirements. Some of the design features we’ve been asked to include through our history as a custom hydraulic press manufacturer include:

  • Variable Pressure Levels: The required pressures of hydraulic presses depend on the specific industry or application. We’ve manufactured presses with as little as 1 psi up to large-scale equipment exerting over 2,400 tons in applied force.
  • Oversized Equipment: Custom Engineering is proud to manufacture some of the largest custom hydraulic presses currently operating in North America. Our engineers have designed equipment up to 15.5’ wide and well over 50’ in length.
  • Added Tech & Loading Systems: Many customers require additional technology or mechanisms to increase the efficiency of their custom hydraulic press. We’ve successfully integrated unique lighting layouts, positional feedback systems that improve accuracy, customized loading systems, additional openings, and automatic tracking conveyor systems.
  • Heated Platens & Temperature Uniformity: In addition to manufacturing exceptionally large hydraulic presses, we can design and fabricate large-scale heated platens with impressive temperature versatility and uniformity. Our platens are widely regarded for their superior quality and minimal temperature variance across the platen face, with uniformity up to +/- 3°.

Industries That Require a Custom Hydraulic Press Manufacturer?

Virtually any industry using standard hydraulic presses may encounter a scenario where they require more specialized equipment. Among these reasons could be the implementation of a new material that requires a higher platen temperature, the addition of a product line, or an increase in demand. Regardless of the specific reason, Custom Engineering is capable of offering our expertise as a custom hydraulic press manufacturer to address these concerns.

We’ve worked with countless companies in the aerospace, oil and gas, composite bonding, laminates, and rubber industries to fabricate innovative solutions. More specific applications include foam fabrication, hot form pressing, high-pressure laminating, working with composite materials, and creating complex honeycomb panel patterns. Once our turnkey hydraulic presses are up and running at their facilities, customers routinely mention how they’ve made noticeable improvements in product quality, throughput, and efficiency.

Types of Custom Hydraulic Presses

We take an individual approach to each project inquiry from potential customers, as no two custom hydraulic systems are the same. While customers need to provide information on the exact pressure, temperature, or size specifications they require each new project starts with a conversation regarding the type of hydraulic press. This decision may rely heavily on the end application but other factors like facility size, budget, lead time, and level of usage ultimately dictate which type of custom hydraulic press may best suit your needs. Four common base types of hydraulic presses are listed below and each can be altered during the design process to address unique concerns:

  • Up-Acting: Used to form metal parts or compression mold plastic components, up-acting hydraulic presses exert force in an upward direction against a fixed upper plate. Up-acting presses tend to produce more consistent bends or forms as there is limited free movement as the ram travels up and down.
  • Down-Acting: The inverse of up-acting hydraulic presses, down-acting machines exert force towards the ground against a stationary lower plate or surface. This design remains among the most common hydraulic press types across all industries due to its versatility.
  • C-Frame: Also known as a gap frame press, C-Frame hydraulic presses offer 3-sides of access to the working area and help facilitate part loading, unloading, and performing maintenance. C-Frame machines can be vertically or horizontally positioned depending on the application and can be used for injection molding, assembly, and forging.
  • 4-Post: Commonly known as a 4-Post Hydraulic Press, or even a 4-Column Press, these are vertical hydraulic presses with a guided platen that travels along four separate columns. These are highly specialized machines used to fabricate materials with superior rigidity, larger dies, or projects that require four-sided access to the working area.

American Custom Hydraulic Press Manufacturer

Custom Engineering’s experience as a custom hydraulic press manufacturer is backed by ISO-9001: 2015 and ASME Section VIII Division I Quality Control Programs that dictate the high-quality standards and manufacturing procedures used throughout our 200,000-square-foot facility. Every aspect of the design, the quality of raw materials, and every step of the manufacturing process is carefully inspected and monitored to ensure we deliver exceedingly accurate and efficient equipment to our customers. We are extremely confident in our ability to design and manufacture a hydraulic press that exceeds your expectations and delivers the necessary functional improvements your company needs to drive innovation and efficiency. If your company requires a custom press, please contact a member of our team to learn more about our manufacturing expertise and get started on your project.

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