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Custom Engineering / Dec. 9 2021

Pressure vessels are closed containers used to hold liquids, vapors, and gases at a pressure significantly higher or lower than normal. They are used in a number of industries, some of the most common being petrochemical, oil and gas, chemical, and food processing. The term “pressure vessel” can also be used to describe a number of pieces of equipment, including reactors, flash drums, separators, and heat exchangers. Custom Engineering manufactures both custom pressure vessels and large pressure vessels used in a wide variety of applications across the aforementioned industries.

About the Custom Pressure Vessel Fabrication Process

When manufacturing a large pressure vessel, the first thing to consider is material. Which material can meet the strength requirements of a certain application? What about corrosion resistance? Cost-wise, it is also important to consider things like ease of fabrication, maintenance, and availability.

Next comes design and incorporating the customer’s specifications. This includes design pressure, maximum allowable working pressure, design temperature, maximum allowable stress, joint efficiency, and corrosion allowance. A large pressure vessel is fabricated through forging, rolling, and welding metal sheets. Then, auxiliary equipment and accessories are added to ensure the vessel can meet its application.

Lastly, the pressure vessel must be tested to make sure it will be reliable for the customer. This includes visual testing, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, and pressure testing, as well as what Custom does: hydro-testing.

Our Large Pressure Vessel Fabrication Capabilities

Custom Engineering fabricates large pressure vessels that are ASME Section VIII Division 1 “U” Stamped. In accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1, these pressure vessels are used to contain gasses and liquids for a multitude of industries and applications, including storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, and process vessels (such as industrial mixers). Custom Engineering strictly adheres to ASME Code Rules and thorough testing of materials and welds, leading to high-quality products and long-term customer satisfaction.

Custom’s 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility provides ample space for the fabrication, welding, and machining of each custom pressure vessel. Equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting systems, heavy fabrication equipment, manual and CNC machining centers, and overhead cranes capable of handling up to 160,000 lbs, Custom ensures high-quality production of any sized pressure vessels capable of passing the most strict, non-destructive examination and hydro-testing requirements. The pressure vessels are fitted with a nameplate that is stamped with a National Board Number, ASME “U” Stamp, design pressures and temperatures, date of manufacture, and a serial number. A copy of the Manufacturer’s Data Report, signed by an authorized inspector, will be provided with each pressure vessel.

Custom Engineering is a Custom Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

Each custom large pressure vessel built by Custom Engineering is fabricated with performance, safety, and quality in mind. Each vessel is also built in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Division 1. Custom’s storage tanks, boilers, heat exchangers, and large process vessels can be used for a wide array of industrial applications. They have the expertise, equipment, and materials necessary to build your customized large pressure vessel, regardless of your application or industry. Custom Engineering will work to meet your exact specifications while ensuring the vessel stays adhered to ASME code requirements; contact them today to discuss your pressure vessel fabrication needs.

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