Industrial Blasting and Painting

Material Finishing

At Custom Engineering Company, we take the environment very seriously and only use EPA approved coatings. We only use products, that when properly mixed, release volatiles into the environment that are within legal limits.


(NEW) 24' X 60 Clemco Blast Room

The new blasting room allows Custom to blast steel fabrications up to 24’ wide 60’ long and 16’ tall. Boasting a state-of-the-art Clemco Hopper Recovery System that can remove surface contamination, scale and other impurities, the new equipment is one of a series of recent investments.

Steel shot, iron grit, as well as sand and bead blasting are used to prepare the surface for finishing.


Our coating application specialists hold a level II certification from the SSPC (The Society for Protective Coatings) the highest certification they offer, this makes our professionals the best in the region at what they do.

Environmentally friendly coating and paints are used in all of our spray booths, powder coatings and finishing operations. Coatings used must meet environmental guidelines.

Short List of EPA Compliant Paints and Coatings (71)

  • AD-15001 Beige Primer Low VOC *PAINT-GE-A8B73A1
  • Amercoat 370 Epoxy Light Buff *PAINT-AMERON_AMERCOAT_370_LB
  • Amercoat 450H Gray Ral 7035LG *PAINT-AMERON_450H_RAL_7035LG
  • Amerlock 2 Epoxy, Pearl Gray GR-3 *PAINT-AMERON_AMERLOCK_2_PG
  • Ameron PSX 700FD Cure + PSX 700 Safety Blue *PAINT-AMERON PSX 700
  • Ameron -->PPG / PSX 700 N7 LG (Munsel N7 Lt. Gray *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_N7_LG [Color Munsel N7 Light Gray
  • Ameron -->PPG /Dimecote 9 VOC Liquid & Powder *PAINT-AMERON DIMETCOAT 9VOC
  • Ameron Amerlock 2 Epoxy, Safety Blue BL-6 *PAINT-AMERON AMERLOCK 2 BL-6
  • Ameron Amerlock 2 Epoxy, Safety Yellow *PAINT-AMERON AMERLOCK 2 YE-3
  • Ameron Amerlock 2 White *Amerlock 2 Epoxy, White WH-1
  • Ameron Dimetcote 9 Green (High VOC) *PAINT-AMERON DIMETCOAT 9VOC
  • Ameron-PPG / PSX 738 Gray Powder *PAINT-AMERON PSX 700
  • Ameron/PPG Dimetcote 9HS Inorganic Zinc Green *PAINT-AMERON DIMETCOAT 9VOC
  • C.A Reeve 5232 Gold Phenolic -Epoxy Primer *PAINT-5232 GOLD
  • Carboguard 890N now Cyloalipatic Amine Epoxy *PAINT-CARBGARD890
  • Carboguard 893 A & B *PAINT-CARBGARD 893 A&B
  • Carbolin/Carbozinc 11HS Solvent Base InorganicZinc *PAINT-CARBOZINC11HS-0300
  • Carboline Carboguard 893 *PAINT-CARBGARD 893 A&B
  • Carboline Co / Carboguard 888 (Red Satin - 0500) *PAINT-CARBGARD888
  • Carboline Comp./ Plasite 7156 Parts A-B-C *PAINT-PLASITE 7156
  • Carbomastic 90 Part A & B (Carboline Co.) Red *PAINT-CARBOMASTIC
  • Carbomastic 90 Part A & B (Carboline Co.) Silver *PAINT-CARBOMASTIC
  • Carbothane 134 HG Metallic Grey *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG Datum Blue *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG Munsell 2.5 GY 4/6 RAL 7037 *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG Munsell N 6.5 *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG Palm Green *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG RAL 7032 Solar Grey *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG White *PAINT-CARBTHANE134HG
  • Carbothane 134HG, Gloss Safety Yellow *CARBOLINE CARBOTHANE 134HG
  • Carbozinc 11 HS Base *PAINT-CARBOZINC11-0300
  • Carbozinc 859 *PAINT-CARBOZINC859
  • Catha-Coat 302H [Devoe Coatings Co.] *PAINT-DEVOE-ZI302H
  • Ceilcote 680 Primer Resin (ceilcoat) *PAINT-CEILCOAT
  • Chem-Thane 2822HS (various colors) *PAINT-INDMAR CHEM-THANE 2823
  • CORLAR 2.1PR-P high solids epoxy primer *PAINT-DUPONT_COLAR_2.1_PR-P_WH
  • Cortec Corp. / VpCl -386 Aluminum *PAINT-CORTEC386
  • Daubert Chemical Co., Tectyl 846, Class 1 (Rust *TECTYL_846_CL1
  • Dupont 25P, Epoxy Primers, Enamels & Activators *PAINT Dupont 25P epoxy primer-first coat blue
  • Escoweld 1014E Rust Inhibitive Epoxy Primer *ESCOWELD 2765U PRIMER GRAY
  • Fast Clad DTM Urethane Mastic *PAINT-SW-FAST CLAD DTM
  • Gateway Quick Dry Alkyd High Gloss Enamel 1079-4 *PAINT-GATEWAY_1079-4_BLACK
  • Gateway Rust Stop Interior-Exterior Polyurethane *PAINT-RUST_STOP_BLACK
  • Glyptal C-1968 top coat / 2 pkg. urethane *PAINT-ALKYD PRIMER-MSP7
  • IndMar Coati/ Chemthane 2823HS Marthan Green 24533 *PAINT-INDMAR CHEM-THANE 2823
  • Industrial Enamel HS Pure White *PAINT-SW-INDUSTRIAL ENAMEL HS
  • Interline 850 (Base +Converter) Gray *PAINT-INTERLINE850
  • International / Interprime 298 Gray *PAINT-INTERPRIME298-LG
  • International / Interprime 298 Red *PAINT-INTERPRIME298-RED
  • International Protective / Interseal 670HS Red *PAINT-INTERSEAL670-RED
  • International Protective /Interseal 670HS Bic Gray *PAINT-INTERSEAL670
  • ITW Philadelphia /Rust Inhibitive Primer HS Resin *PAINT-ITWEPOXY
  • PPG Ameron PSX 700 GR 00A05 *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_700_GR_00A05
  • PPG Ameron PSX 700 GR 26393 *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_700_GR_26293
  • PPG Ameron PSX 700 Safety Yellow *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_700_YE-3
  • PPG PSX 700 HP Yellow Tint *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_700_YE-3
  • PPG Amercoat 450H Polyurethane N7 Light Pearl Gray *PAINT-AMERON_450H_N7_LG
  • PPG Amerlock Black Epoxy (with 2 Cure) *PAINT-AMERON_AMERLOCK_2_BK-1
  • PPG Amershield Pearl Gray Polyurethane *PAINT-AMERON_AMERSHIELD_PG
  • PPG/PSX 700 Irish Green *PAINT-AMERON_PSX_700_14E53_GRN
  • Randolph/ Mil-C-8514C Yellow Wash Primer *PAINT-MILC8514
  • Sherw/KEM Kromik Universal Metal Primer VOC compl. *PAINT-SW-KEM-KROMIK PRIMER 
  • Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad IV Primer Flat/Gray- *PAINT-SW-ZINC CLAD IV PRIMER
  • Strathmore Railplex 2.0 Gray Primer *PAINT-STRATHMORE_E07-0656P
  • Stratmore Driquik 3.5 H.S. Black Primer *PAINT-Primer-41A244104MP-P10
  • Techgard 30% Silicone Alkyd S5634 *PAINT-SAFETY GREEN
  • Zinc-thane 2805 Zinc-Rich Primer *PAINT-INDMAR ZINC-THANE 2805

*MSDS and TDS information are on file and available upon request.