Large Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Custom Engineering / Oct. 30 2023

Large Pressure Vessel Fabrication Specialists

Industrial pressure vessels that will be used to hold potentially harmful liquids and gases need to be built by a team that is experienced, focuses on quality, and able to stand behind their work.

When you work with Custom Engineering, you are contracting specialists with over 65 years of large pressure vessel fabrication experience to manufacture your ASME Section VIII Division I spec vessel(s). As we will detail below, our work has spanned many industries and pressure vessels fabricated here are done so with tight oversight and exceptional quality guaranteed.

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Manufacturing ASME Stamped Pressure Vessels

You need an industrial pressure vessel that can handle the heat or external pressure it intended to withstand throughout its expected lifespan. Custom Engineering can provide this. We manufacture large pressure vessels in adherence to the ASME Section VIII Division 1 specification. Prior to getting to work on your project, we will make sure our team understands not just your specification requirements, but also the gases or liquids your vessel(s) will be used to hold. Our goal is to fabricate a large pressure vessel for your company that works safely and exactly as intended

Providing Heavy Duty Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Work for Many Industries

If you need large pressure vessel fabrication work complete, Custom Engineering can handle it regardless of your industry. The companies we build these custom pressure vessels for are typically OEMs. This is because these entities frequently need a custom solution larger than a standard pressure vessel and require it to have qualities unique to their operations.

Most Pressure Vessels We Make Are Inspected and Stamped

You will get much more than quality guarantees when contracting Custom Engineering for large pressure vessel fabrication. The majority of vessels we manufacture do not leave our facility without passing a thorough inspection and formal stamping process, which takes place along with an ISO Certified QA process, as outlined below. When an industrial pressure vessel passes inspection it will receive its nameplate. These ASME U stamped vessels include our National Board Number, a serial number, design pressure and temperature information, and the date of manufacture. The stamped nameplate acts as the seal of approval to acknowledge the successful completion of your custom pressure vessel’s fabrication.

Custom Engineering Specialized in Complex Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

Fabricating custom large pressure vessels is one of our specialties. As our name would suggest, custom needs are something we have built our business on serving. One reason customization can be required is size. With cranes that can handle up to 160,000 pounds of weight and 200,000 square feet of floor space, our shop has the capacity to take on the most challenging custom pressure vessel fabrication jobs OEMs can require.

An ISO 9001 Certified Quality Program Guarantees Precise Fabrication

Large scale pressure vessel fabrication work involved components that are bigger than normal. However, the process still requires precision, and we have a thorough quality assurance program to guarantee your drawings are adhered to. The industries we serve request custom pressure vessels that are often used to handle liquids and gases that must remain secure inside. Some customers also require pressure vessels that can handle high pressure or heat without needs for gas or liquid handling. Regardless of your need, our ISO 9001:2015 QA program helps us to honor our quality guarantees and maintain tight oversight of the complete pressure vessel manufacturing process.

Fabricating Industrial Pressure Vessels In-House with Constant Oversight

When we say our team fabricates pressure vessels in-house, we are referring to the complete manufacturing process. From material sourcing to fabrication and delivery, Custom Engineering’s 200,000 square foot facility plays host to every step of the pressure vessel fabrication process. We know how vital it is for our customers to be able to secure the liquids and gases their vessels are intended to handle. You can be confident of quality when welding is completed on-site by highly skilled welders who are well-versed in various ASME and AWS specifications. While our ISO 9001:2015 QA program is vital, we control quality at each step in the fabrication process of large pressure vessels.

If quality is something you value and you need a pressure vessel fabricated by a highly experienced and skilled team, contact Custom Engineering today.

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