Robotic Welding
Our Motoman EA1900TN overhead mounted robotic welding cell is configured with 3 stations.  Station 1 and 2 are setup for light to medium weight weldments with 6,000LB headstock and tail stock combination.  Station 3 is setup with a fixed machined base that accepts interchangeable fixtures depending on the product.

Our cell is a unique and customizable:

  • Coordinated motion where the boom will move and rotate during welding.  This allows the weld joint orientation to the welding torch.
  • Customized fixturing and tables to accommodate even the most unique customer requirements.
  • Weld wire is run from 500LB barrels or 50LB spools depending on how large the production run.

Robotic welding offers a unique dimensions to Custom Engineering's customers.

Increased efficiency is the primary reason for the implimentation of the MotoMan, For example a large production run that we moved from manual welding to robotic welding.  Fabrication from start to finish of this product was 1-1/2 hours by robot or 6 hours manually.  This particular job used the full capabilities of one of our rotating stations.  Wire was fed from a 500LB barrel.


Large Fabricated Weldments
We have the capacity to successfully produce big jobs, such as large housings, turbine bases, base plates, pressure vessel frames, and machinery bases for power generation and chemical processing. These fabrications often weigh in excess of 100,000 pounds and measure more than 50 feet in length and require mig, tig, fluxcore and stick welding. We produce parts from steel, but aluminum, stainless, and impact materials. Some of our typical projects include:

  • Base plates for power generation industry
  • Skid and console bases for power and petroleum industries
  • Fabricated enclosures for the transportation industry
  • Hydraulic presses for OEM manufacturers
  • Large handling systems for loading and unloading our press systems
  • Pressure vessels for chemical and food processing industries
  • Piping and pipe spools for various manufacturing sectors, including the nuclear industry
  • Welding overlays for the petroleum processing industry
  • Full turnkey; design and engineering, fabrication, machining, industrial finishes (blast and paint), assembly, and delivery.