Contract Custom Engineering for Press Platen Manufacturing and Design

Custom Engineering / Feb. 28 2023
Custom Engineering for Press Platen Manufacturing and Design

Contract Custom Engineering’s ISO Certified Team for Expert Press Platen Manufacturing and Design

Custom Engineering has served as a trusted, ISO certified press platen manufacturer and designer for over 65 years and remains eager to complete these important jobs. We design and manufacture press platens for multiple industries and with multiple heating mechanisms. By reading further, you can learn more about our capabilities, experience, and what the smooth process of contracting Custom Engineering for press platen manufacturing jobs is like. Once you have learned more, we hope to hear from you so we can quote your job, earn your business, and get you the platens you need promptly.

Offering Electric, Hot Oil, and Steam Press Platen Design and Manufacturing Services

We have a wealth of knowledge designing and producing platens in these three heating styles, so whichever works best for your intended application is well within our skillset to manufacture. Not only do we make platens that heat uniformly, as we will describe in greater detail below, but we have a deep understanding of the heating demands of various industries. There is no best platen heating style, only the one best suited for your press and the products it is involved in producing. You can contract Custom Engineering to manufacture platens that are heated via electric, fluid, or steam and we can even design your custom solution beforehand if you have not yet had drawings prepared.

Your Press Platens Will Heat Uniformly and Work as Intended

Thanks to our team’s 65 years of experience designing and manufacturing press platens, we have the skill needed to ensure our platens provide uniform heating. Whether this heating is best provided via electricity, steam, or fluid, we will design the platens to heat uniformly and ensure that your presses products or components come out looking and working as intended. Our platens are designed to fit your presses perfectly and offer an extensive lifespan during which their uniform heating will be maintained during regular use.

Custom Designed Platens Can Be Manufactured in a Wide Range of Sizes to Suit Your Intended Use

Are you looking for a smaller custom laminate press platens or sizable platens that will be involved in pressing oriented strand board or something in between? The size of platens you need can vary depending on their intended application and we should be fully capable of meeting your demands. We can manufacture press platens as small as 12 square inches up to 15.5 square feet. With this range of sizes, you can comfortably contract Custom Engineering for just about any custom platen job imaginable. Whether you have drawings that you need our team to work from or want to discuss the right solution before starting work, our team is ready to help.

Trusted to Manufacture Platens for Industries Including Laminate, Composite Wood, Rubber, and More

One of the many benefits you can reap contracting a press platen manufacturer with over 65 years in business like ours is our understanding of the needs of diverse industries. For example, we have decades of experience serving companies in industries ranging from laminate and composite wood manufacturers to rubber molders, hot metal formers, and beyond. Our team knows not only the temperature needs for platens used in presses for each of these industries, but also which heating source will work best. As temperature requirements define the best heating mechanism for each, we can design and manufacture press platens that are heated by steam, hot oil, or electricity.

Whether you have drawings for your press platens and simply need to find the right manufacturer for the job or if you need both design and production work, Custom Engineering is ready to discuss and consider your needs, offer a competitive quote, and get to work. Lastly, if you need an even more complex job completed, contact us to ask about your hydraulic press manufacturing capabilities!

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