Custom Engineering Stands Out Among Metal Fabrication and Engineering Companies

Custom Engineering / Jan. 30 2023

We Stand Out Among Metal Fabrication and Engineering Companies for a Host of Reasons

At Custom Engineering, there is not just one aspect of our facility or experienced team that makes us stand out among metal fabrication and engineering companies. In this piece we will outline some of the capabilities that set us apart from the competition and make us the ideal choice for your next contract. From our 200,000 square foot facility to the deep experience of our large and growing workforce, Custom Engineering is a heavy-duty metal fabricator with an enormous capacity to serve the world’s most demanding and high impact industries. Throughout this piece we will describe just some of these aspects of our business that make us the ideal choice for your next metal fabrication, welding, or machining contract.

The Custom Engineering Facility Provides Us with Enormous Capacity for Large Scale Jobs

As we mentioned above, our Erie, PA based facility features 200,000 square feet of floorspace within which we handle work ranging from heavy duty metal work to AWS certified welding and machining. Thanks to the size of our facility, we can take on large jobs and have our workspaces organized in a way that provides order and efficiency. As we will describe below, our team and facility are sought after by OEMs and other companies in demanding industries that require components and equipment that are built to last and work reliably throughout their expected lifespan.

Heavy Duty Industries Contract with Our ISO 9001:2015 Certified Fabrication Team

Given our enormous facility and sought-after skillset, our ISO 9001:2015 certified fabrication team is contracted to take on jobs that serve some of the highest impact industries in the world. Some of the industries we have reliably served include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Defense
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Amusement Parks

With over 65 years of experience handling metal fabrication work, we have taken on jobs including pressure vessel manufacturing, roller coaster part manufacturing, foundation plate manufacturing and more. If your next job demands both durability and precision in your manufactured components and equipment, request a quote from Custom Engineering today.

Full Scale Fabrication Work Is Possible Thanks to Our Skilled Team and Equipment

Some contracts we accept are focused on one aspect of our offering such as welding, metal fabrication, or machining. However, given the expansive equipment maintained at our facility, we are an ideal choice for full-scale fabrication jobs as well. We have become a leading US industrial manufacturer relied upon by OEMs to provide heating platens, pressure vessels, base plates, and more. We can build this equipment from the ground up and our experience and equipment allow us to do so with prompt turnaround times and at competitive prices. If you want to benefit from the ease of working with a trusted metal fabricator that has decades of experience serving your industry, you can send your drawings to us today to obtain a quote.

Our Sister Companies Extend Our Already Broad Suite of Capabilities

Did you know Custom Engineering is more than one business? We have two valuable sister companies, LAMJEN Inc. and Venango Machine, that allow us to significantly extend our already robust capabilities. LAMJEN is a machining shop that offers low to high volume CNC machining work as well as manual milling and turning capabilities. Venango Machine is a specialty heated platen manufacturing and repair business that serves industries ranging from composite wood and rubber manufacturers to automotive and beyond. While we can handle most contracts at Custom Engineering, there are times when we will recommend contracting one of our sister companies who we think will be best suited for the work. Our sister company relationships allow us to further separate our offering from those of other fabrication and engineering companies.

If you have a metal fabrication job, a welding contract, or engineering work you need completed by a skilled team, submit your drawings to Customer Engineering today! We have the facility and team needed to stand out among fabrication and engineering companies you might be considering working with.

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