Fabrication and Precision Contract Machining for the Entertainment Industry

Custom Engineering / Sep. 6 2022

Large Scale Fabrication and Machining in Erie, PA for the Entertainment Industry

At Custom Engineering, we have been relied upon for over 65 years to complete some of the largest and most challenging fabrication and precision contract machining jobs imaginable. We are sought out by companies in a wide array of industries for both our machining and fabrication capabilities as well as the knowledge of our experienced team. One type of business that relies on Custom Engineering to complete large and complex jobs is the entertainment industry. Particularly in the case of amusement park rides, our entertainment industry customers know that Customer Engineering has the equipment, capacity, and workforce needed to take on some of the largest fabrication and machining jobs imaginable.

We Enjoy Helping Your Customers Have Fun Safely

While our team is skilled in handling large scale fabrications for the Defense, Construction, and Transportation industries, some of our most fulfilling work is completed for the entertainment industry. Being contracted by manufacturers of amusement park rides requires us to leave no room for error given the human use of their finished products. We enjoy fabricating and offering precision contract machining of components for amusement park rides knowing how much joy the end product will bring, but we also approach this work with the seriousness that any job involving end user safety deserves. 

ISO Certified Fabricator Trusted to Build Amusement Park Ride Fabrications

When selecting the right fabricator to handle your large-scale jobs manufacturing amusement park rides, you need to be certain that quality and reliability are primary concerns during the fabrication and machining process. Our ISO 9001 certified team stands ready to take on complex amusement park ride related machining and fabrication jobs and can ensure quality of the manufactured parts. Our quality assurance process is ISO certified, and our suite of advanced machines helps to ensure precision and reliability of shipped products. Metal fabrication, welding, and machining of parts intended for amusement park rides must be done carefully and with the understanding that human lives are at risk if parts malfunction or fail to meet lifespan expectations. The Custom Engineering team understands the importance of quality, so you can trust us for amusement park ride related work that demands precision.

Maintaining the Staff and Equipment Needed for Large Scale Fabrications in Erie, PA

If there is anything we have learned during our 65+ years in business, it is that the right combination of brains, experience, and machines are needed to complete our work the right way. For example, fabricating and machining parts for amusement park rides with tight tolerances and reliable turnaround times requires advanced machines and experienced team members who know how to use them. At our 200,000 square foot facility we maintain the well-staffed workforce and wide array of modern machines needed to complete your amusement park related fabrications and machining projects on time and with quality guaranteed.

No Fabrication or Precision Contract Machining Job is Too Much for Custom Engineering

At our 200,000 square foot facility in Erie, PA, we can work with a variety of materials at lengths exceeding 720” long and 186” wide, Custom Engineering is ready for any amusement park fabrication or precision contract machining job you need completed. We have enormous flexibility as materials we work with include stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, and more. We can both fabricate durable components and complete machining work with tight tolerances. If your amusement park fabrication or machining job requires the skilled work of an experienced team, then contact Custom Engineering today for a quote!

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