What is ITAR Compliance? The Importance of ITAR Certification for a Metal Fabrication Company

Custom Engineering / Mar. 16 2022
Heavy Metal Fabrication of Industrial Machinery Bases and Skids

What is ITAR Registration and Compliance?

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or ITAR, is the U.S. regulation dictating the proper manufacturing, sale, and distribution of any defense or aerospace-related parts or services. Components and offerings that fall under this category can be found on the United States Munitions List (USML). When we talk about these products, we are not simply discussing weapons and military hardware; ITAR munitions extend to technical data such as plans, diagrams, and photos used to build this hardware for the U.S. military. For companies manufacturing these components and working with this information, ITAR compliance is not optional; any company handling items on the USML must be ITAR compliant in order to avoid severe ITAR violations. This includes wholesalers, distributors, third-party supplies, and contractors.

Businesses that have worked in defense or aerospace-related industries for some time have no doubt heard of courses online promoting “ITAR certification,” but it is important to note that such a thing does not exist. There is no independent certification body for ITAR, leaving only ITAR compliance and ITAR registration. While ITAR compliance is mandatory, Custom Engineering submits the paperwork necessary and pays an annual fee to the Directorate of Trade Controls to ensure that we remain ITAR registered. No one can afford to risk an ITAR violation.

The Importance of Being an ITAR Registered Fabricator

Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Custom Engineering’s facility is suited with over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. As a turnkey contract manufacturer and ITAR registered fabricator with this amount of space at our disposal, we are prepared to be a leader in heavy industrial metal fabrication not only domestically, but internationally as well. Fortunately for our domestic customers, Custom serves a wide range of industries (including oil and gas, transportation, and power generation), and we specifically have our ITAR registration and AQS accreditation allowing us to excel in performing Department of Defense and aerospace work. For customers in these specific fields, it is critical to work with an ITAR registered fabrication company for a number of reasons.

If you are in need of an AQS accredited and ITAR registered fabricator, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss the details of your project.

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What are the Benefits of Working with an AQS Accredited & ITAR Registered Fabricator?

Custom Engineering is proud of our ITAR registered status, as we regularly produce and ship components that have been designed, developed, machined, and modified for U.S. military use under the USML. As a facility that handles a good amount of Department of Energy and Department of Defense work, we also found it necessary to obtain our AQS-AC7004 aerospace accreditation. Regardless of your industry, you can rest easy knowing your project is in the right hands. In addition to our military and defense work, Custom regularly serves customers in transportation, construction, shipping, and entertainment (with additional qualifications that showcase our excellence in these areas). Whether you need an electrical enclosure or a large storage tank, Custom’s advanced machining capabilities can accommodate the production of your fabricated weldment.

An ITAR Metal Fabrication Company in Erie, Pa.

The expert staff at Custom Engineering also specializes in ASME and AWS certified heavy fabricated weldments that can serve a wide range of the industries and applications mentioned above. These certifications are great to have when working with customers in power generation or automotive spaces, but considering the amount of aerospace and defense work we do, our ITAR registration and AQS accreditation are just as valuable.

Regardless of the industry, Custom Engineering specializes in large-scale contract fabrication and is capable of producing components upwards of 160,000 lbs. We recognize that our customers rely on our experience and extensive quality control to manufacture complex fabricated weldments and machined components to extremely specific tolerances. This is why we are proud to present ourselves as a one-stop shop for medium and large metal components, offering everything from manual and CNC contract machining to welding and beyond. If you are looking for a machine shop that regularly works with large aerospace and defense production while providing exceptional customer service, we can help. Contact us today to discuss the details of your next ITAR-related project.

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