ITAR Registered Metal Fabrication Company: What It Means

Custom Engineering / Mar. 16 2022
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Custom Engineering is an ITAR Registered Metal Fabrication Company: Learn What That Means

When a manufacturer seeks to take on Defense related fabrication work, an ITAR registration is often required. Custom Engineering has an ITAR registration and maintains continuous compliance with the arms trafficking regulations this legal framework sets forth. Below we will provide details about what ITAR does and how it relates to our work. We want our customers to understand in which ways ITAR compliance factors into our work and in which ways it does not. As you will learn below, we are an ITAR registered metal fabrication company that complies not only with this regulation, but with multiple industrial quality assurance programs as well. If you are in the Defense industry and need to hire an ITAR registered metal fabricator, Custom Engineering is ready to review your drawings and discuss your needs.

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What it Means to Be ITAR Registered

If you have found Custom Engineering, you are likely familiar with the term ITAR. However, it can be important to learn what the ITAR regulation does and does not do. ITAR is a regulation that Defense contractors like Custom Engineering often have to register for and remain in compliance with. ITAR is an acronym used to refer to International Traffic in Arms Regulations. The US Department of State’s Department of Defense Trade Controls oversees the ITAR program and makes sure that companies it applies to are safely handling sensitive data. ITAR seeks to ensure safe handling of data by setting rules on how it must be securely stored and shared. Due to the secure nature of ITAR protected data, violations of this regulation can result in substantial fines, adding to the importance of adherence.

Which Companies Must Comply with ITAR?

While ITAR compliance is required for a Defense fabricator like Custom Engineering, it is a regulatory framework with a broader mandate than solely focusing on manufacturing. ITAR compliance must be maintained by manufacturers, exporters, brokers of defense services, articles, or related technical data. This means nearly any company in the Defense industry supply chain must register and comply with ITAR, just like we do.

ITAR is a Regulation that Requires Both Registration and Continuous Compliance

You may see Custom Engineering refer to ourselves as either an ITAR registered defense contractor or an ITAR compliant defense contractor. While these descriptions are both true and may seem interchangeable, they are not. An ITAR compliant defense fabricator must be both registered and in continued compliance with this regulatory framework. We work hard to ensure that we honor the compliance assurances involved with our ITAR registration, and you can rely on our work to contribute to the compliance of your company’s overall compliance program.

Our ITAR Registration is Maintained Along with Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification and More

Although ITAR compliance is unrelated to assuring the quality of our work, it is factored into our overall manufacturing process. When it comes to quality, however, there are other programs our various services are performed in adherence to. These include an ISO 9001:2015 certified QA program, AWS certified welding work, and ASME certified pressure vessel manufacturing, and more. Custom Engineering has these certifications, which combined with our experience help us to meet our customers’ high expectations for quality. 

By completing metal fabrication, welding, and more with not just ITAR compliance assured but quality guaranteed as well, we are an ITAR registered metal fabrication company that can be relied upon for even the most demanding Defense related work. 

Contract Custom Engineering for Your Next ITAR Compliant Large Scale Metal Fabrication Job

If you operate in the Defense industry and need to contract an ITAR registered metal fabrication company for your next job, Custom Engineering is ready to get to work. In addition to our ITAR registration, and various industry certifications, we have a 200,000 square foot facility and state-of-the-art equipment at our disposal. When you send us your drawings, you can expect to receive a competitive quote with quality and ITAR compliance guaranteed. Given the size of our facility and ability to complete large scale metal fabrication work, there is an enormous range of work you can hire us to complete. Reach out today so we can get to work on your metal fabrication job.

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