Large Base Plate, Large Sole Plate, and Large Skid Fabrication

Custom Engineering / Jul. 14 2022

Large Base Plate, Large Sole Plate, and Large Skid Fabrication

Base plates, sole plates, and skids are all parts of the system that make the function and transport of heavy machinery safe and effective. These critical components offer the structural integrity that entire systems depend on for transit and operation.

Custom Engineering is a premier large-scale fabrication shop that manufactures custom base plates, sole plates, and skids and offers many other machining and fabrication services.

Large base plates require specialized manufacturing spaces, as do the large sole plates that sit under heavy equipment. Large skids require similarly specialized fabrication spaces to ensure that the oversized base plates and sole plates they move remain in excellent condition.

Our shop has an unmatched ability to fabricate rock-solid large base and sole plates, as well as large skid systems. The quality of the size, flatness, and parallelism of the base plates and sole plates we produce is unrivaled. The base plate, sole plates, and skids are fabricated, welded, finish machined, and painted on site.

Special Requirements for Large Base Plates and Large Sole Plates

Large base and sole plates are critical for industries using machines that require expansive, long-wearing foundations, such as oil & gas, power generation, industrial manufacturing, and chemical processing. We specialize in the large plates used in oil fields, industrial facilities, drilling platforms, rigs, and power plants. OEMs around the world depend on our flawless fabrication and the rugged durability of our plates and skids.

Custom Engineering’s unique facility and certifications, including ISO, ASME, NADCAP, and S, U, and R stamps, allow us to safely and expertly fabricate large base plates and sole plates, aided by our specialized fit-up floor system is designed explicitly for large-scale components.

We source carbon and stainless steel, then process, machine, and weld, machining each plate in-house. Sizes of the components we produce range from platforms and base plates from 1,000 lbs. to large-scale platforms weighing up to 160,000 lbs.

With large fabrications comes the necessity for procedures that protect the integrity of parts produced. We offer the application of severe environment EPA- approved protective paint to provide corrosion resistance in offshore saltwater environments, particularly for use on rigs for the oil & gas industry. In addition, we have experience with weld procedures for NACE -hardness acceptance criteria. We also have methods for cold weather operation to -40°F.

Large Skids for Shipping and Support

While the heavy-duty skid systems we manufacture range in size and function, Custom is well known for our large-scale, heavy-capacity platform skids. These skids simplify the transport of the machines they carry, and are designed and manufactured to facilitate easy movement and placement of large machinery (compressors, etc.).

The Process:

Skid designs are delivered to Custom fully planned, with materials and specs indicated and outlined. Custom then meticulously fabricates, welds, and finishes the skids per clients’ specifications.

While many fabricators may be able to produce quality skids, Custom has the capacity to fabricate, weld, and finish every skid we make. Furthermore, like our large base plates and sole plates, Custom skids can be treated with severe environment paints and specialty welds to ensure that they withstand harsh conditions.

Custom Engineering Fabricates Large Base Plates, Large Sole Plates, and Large Skids

Industries with the most rigorous standards and certification requirements turn to experienced fabricators like Custom Engineering when they need large base plates, sole plates, or skids. Our unique workshop and state-of-the-art fabrication and machining abilities make us the most qualified, trusted source for large-scale plate manufacturing. Contact us today to learn how Custom Engineering can help with oversized fabrication needs.

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