New Five Face Double Column Machining Center Added

Custom Engineering / Feb. 24 2021

5-axis bridge-type CNC milling machining center, is one of the most attractive products of Vision Wide, for its linear guideways and Z axis box way, wide-ranging Y travel from 2,300 mm to 3,900 mm, and much wider choices of X travel from 2,200 mm to 10,200 mm.

Positioning accuracy could reach ±0.005/300 mm (JIS B6333). NF satisfies various demands in mold surface cutting, angles cutting, 3D mold cutting and precise contour finishing, and it also completes automatic 5-face machining with special designed accessories such as tool center point compensation, auto multi-angle head attachments and auto tool change system.

  • High rigidity box base, best span work table guideways, and wider load dimension ensured best level dynamic accuracy.
  • Cross-section square beam enabled the centroid of the head close to the beam center to ensure heavy cutting ability.
  • Fully auto 5-face machining capacity
  • Auto head change: 90º head / extension head / universal head A vertical and horizontal auto tool change for 90º head.
  • A3-axis mechanical coordinates system

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