Expert Machinery & Pump Base Plate Fabrication for Power Generation and Petrochemical Industries

The skilled employees of Custom Engineering are experts in providing on-time, high quality machined components and intricate fabrications to exacting standards. We manufacture machinery and pump base plates used in various industries from power generation, petrochemical, chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, and more. Custom Engineering’s reliable expertise and proven manufacturing process starts with our specialized fit up floor system for large scale components. Our experience in manufacturing heavy-duty standalone base plates, sole plates, and custom machinery bases allows for exact manufacturing to strict tolerances, providing custom base plates to companies around the world


Custom Steel Structural Compressor Base Plate Manufacturer

We manufacture custom steel compressor base plates, and pump bases used in the power generation industry, petrochemical industry, and industrial manufacturing markets. These sturdy bases are typically installed in oil fields, industrial facilities, drilling platforms, FPSO, rigs, power plants, and more, to provide a solid foundation for machinery and equipment.

Our expert manufacturing process covers all aspects of machine base fabrication, from full service metal sourcing and precision processing, machining and welding to exact dimensions, and grinding and finishing to meet exact customer requirements and specifications. Custom’s capabilities range from platforms and base plates from 1,000 lbs. to large scale platforms weighing up to 160,000 lbs.

Heavy Industrial Equipment Base Plates and Foundation Bases

Custom Engineering is your single source for custom medium to heavy industrial equipment base plates and foundation bases. We offer premier manufacturing of base plates, sole plates, foundation plates and skid bases to lift and support machinery. Manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel, these bases offer sturdy, stable foundations for essential equipment, allowing for optimal performance and the longevity of machine life.

We offer the application of severe environment EPA- approved protective paint to provide corrosion-resistance in offshore salt water environments, particularly for use on rigs for the Oil & Gas industry. We have experience and weld procedures for NACE -hardness acceptance criteria. We also have procedures for cold weather operation to -40°F.

Our industrial base plates and foundation bases are built to your specifications, and we offer specialized packaging (shrink wrap and crating) upon request, which aids in ensuring the highest quality product upon delivery or installation.

Custom Engineering Co.

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