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Custom Engineering / Jan. 17 2023

Custom Engineering is Hiring for Well Paying Machinist Jobs in Erie, PA

Any talented machinist looking for a great job in Erie, PA that pays well and provides opportunities to work with high tech equipment should apply to work at Custom Engineering today. We are looking to hire talented CNC machinists in Erie who are ready to operate our horizontal boring mills, vertical mills, and bridge mills.

As we will outline below, every role at Custom Engineering comes with competitive pay and an extensive list of benefits. In addition to our pay and benefits, we fabricate, machine, and weld some of the most heavy-duty parts and equipment you can imagine. This means our employees get to take part in working on projects that help to build American industries ranging from Amusement Parks and Oil and Gas to Defense and Transportation.

If you want to take part in fulfilling CNC or manual machining work on important projects, Custom Engineering wants to review your job application and consider you for a role. In addition to machinists, we are also seeking to fill roles for welders, industrial painters, and more, so be sure to browse our list of open roles and apply for one you are most qualified for and interested in taking on.

Machinists at Custom Engineering Get to Work with Elite Equipment and Talented Team Members

Are you a talented machinist looking for a good paying job in Erie, PA where you can utilize state-of-the-art equipment and work alongside experienced industrial professionals? If so, Custom Engineering may have the perfect job for you!

We are now hiring machinists in Erie, PA who want to be involved in machining components for large scale fabrications. Many machining shops specialize in working on smaller components at low to high volume depending on their capabilities and equipment. At Custom Engineering, our 200,000 sqft facility provides us with enormous capacity to take on heavy industrial machining work, which can include parts over 720” long and 186” wide. Our machinists will work with materials ranging from carbon and stainless steel to copper and aluminum to complete these large-scale jobs.

If you are qualified and looking for fun, challenging, and fulfilling work that involves heavy industrial applications and be completed with exceptional quality, apply for an open machinist role today!

Custom Engineering Roles Come Loaded with Competitive Benefits

While hourly wages and benefits vary between our various open roles, the benefits you can enjoy from working for Custom Engineering are many. Examples of some of the benefits you may be able to take advantage of as a Custom Engineering employee can include:

  • 2 Weeks of Vacation to Start
  • 11 paid holidays off
  • Healthcare insurance, Dental Insurance, and Vision Insurance
  • A 50% company reimbursement of your health insurance deductible
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Profit sharing

We know how expensive necessities like health insurance, unpaid time off, and more can be, so our company strives to provide our valued employees with benefits that both offset and eliminate these costs. Our management team seeks to keep our talented employees happy with enjoyable work and well cared for with the benefits package we offer.

Now Hiring Welders in Erie, PA

Custom Engineering is hiring experienced welders in Erie, PA who are interested in working on major welding projects for a diverse array of industries. Our welders use processes including Flux-core, MIG, Stick, TIG, and more work with materials such as stainless steel, inconel, aluminum, and carbon steel. As a Custom Engineering welder, you will perform work in flat, horizontal, and vertical positions. Our current welding needs include precise jobs completed on structural, pipe fabrication, and plates. If you want to put your welding skills to use toward the manufacturing of heavy-duty industrial fabrications, we want to receive your application and consider you for an open welder job in Erie, PA.

Apply to Industrial Painter Jobs in Erie at Custom Engineering that Pay Competitively

Industrial painters at Custom Engineering get to work on challenging projects for businesses in important American industries, and we compensate them well for their skills. We are looking for industrial painters in Erie, PA who have experience understanding and following coating requirements. Our painters perform duties ranging from preparing fabrications for coatings as well as accurately applying coating and preparing coated fabrications for a successful shipment. We complete work using advanced equipment and intricate multi-coat systems, both of which the qualified industrial painter we hire will receive thorough training on. If performing industrial painting work on heavy duty fabrications sounds like a challenge you want to take on and you have experience in the industry, apply today so we can consider you for a job that comes with competitive pay and excellent benefits.

Open Entry Level Roles Make for an Excellent Introduction to the Manufacturing Industry

Are you looking to get into the manufacturing industry but want to find the right entry level role to begin with? Having a firm foundation to build your career on is crucial and you will be able to develop one by working at Custom Engineering. While entry level work may sound simple, nothing is boring when it comes to a job working with heavy industrial fabrications. As an entry-level manufacturing employee your skills will be honed in multiple areas of our business. For example, some of the work you will be responsible for includes operating cranes and forklifts to move parts and jobs around our 200,000 sqft plant, building shipping crates and skids, assisting with preparing and packaging products for shipping and much more. This job will require both your physical and brain strength and as you develop your skills, they will be in demand across many of our business segments. If you want to fill an open entry-level manufacturing role at Custom Engineering, you will be setting yourself up for long term success in our company and the industrial manufacturing industry as well.

Working at Custom Engineering Comes with Opportunities for Upward Mobility

Whether you are considering applying for an entry level role at Custom Engineering or for a skilled role as an experienced machinist, welder, or painter, you will be applying to work for a business with opportunities to rise in your career. We complete jobs ranging from platen manufacturing and heavy duty fabrication that includes welding and machining at our large Erie, PA facility. This breadth of work can only be completed by a large and multi-layered workforce. The structure of our organization provides opportunities to take on differing levels of responsibility throughout your career here. We want you to get the most out of your career here and have many examples of employees who have gained from our opportunities for upward mobility within our business.

Apply Today Before We Fill Our Open Roles

The industrial workforce in Erie, PA is strong, and because of this we recommend applying for any open role for which you are qualified soon. Our available positions are often filled quickly, and we want you to have the opportunity to work here. When you apply you can expect a prompt review of your application and if we believe the open role for which you applied is the right fit, we will be in touch promptly to schedule an interview and skills assessment. Our goal is to fill open roles with talented welders, machinists, industrial painters and entry level industrial workers promptly so these employees can get to work on our exciting fabrication projects as soon as possible.

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