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Custom Engineering / Jun. 22 2022

A NIST 800-171 Registered Fabricator for Defense Industry Manufacturing


Custom Engineering has over 60 years of experience successfully fulfilling government fabrication contracts. We maintain all necessary certifications needed to complete this work and help our customers stay within regulatory compliance. This combined with our skilled heavy duty capabilities have made us a sought-after NIST 800-171 Registered fabricator for defense industry manufacturing. Throughout this article you can learn more about our extensive defense industry fabrication capabilities. You can also learn how we complete our work while remaining in compliance with this regulation and other common defense regulations. If you need heavy duty defense fabrication work completed by a NIST 800-171 registered manufacturer, contact Custom Engineering to discuss your needs.

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Before delving into some of our fabrication capabilities, it is important to describe what the NIST 800-171 is and outline how it impacts our work. Unlike Defense industry manufacturing specs, regulations like the NIST 800-171 are unrelated to the materials or processes we use during the fabrication process. Instead, this regulation focused on ensuring that necessary safeguards are in place to protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). As a NIST 800-171 Registered Fabricator for Defense Industry, Custom Engineering frequently handles contracts for manufacturers in the Defense space. Due to the military aspect of our work, the information surrounding it must be kept secure. While details about a fabrication project may not be classified, they can involve CUI. This regulation is designed to provide guidelines that manufacturers in the Defense space must follow to safeguard CUI.


We are NIST 800-171 registered in addition to being compliant with various administrative registrations such as CAGE and SAM. These regulations help protect sensitive defense information and provide ways for contractors to prove their suitability to bid on government contracts via a rigorous process. This process involves vetting and verification of their cyber security and information protection practices, including:


  1. Access Control
  2. Awareness and Training
  3. Audit and Accountability
  4. Configuration Management
  5. Authentication and Identification
  6. Incident Response
  7. Maintenance
  8. Media Protection
  9. Personnel Security
  10. Physical Protection
  11. Risk Assessment
  12. Security Assessment
  13. System and Communication Protection
  14. Systems and Information



As a NIST 800-171 Registered Fabricator for Defense Industry, Custom Engineering provides high caliber expertise and boasts decades of experience in services ranging from prototyping, one-off, and high-volume defense fabrication and machining work. Our prowess in engineering, metal manufacturing, and logistics has allowed Custom to emerge as a lead defense contractor for machining and finishing components for government contracts. Crucial NIST 800-171 registration means that Custom has the necessary clearance, security, and fabrication & machining capability to contract with government agencies seeking the absolute best in defense contractors.


In our 200,000+ square foot manufacturing facility, Custom has fabricated components in various amounts and over specified time periods for the defense industry. We adhere to the strict CUI parameters when disclosing the extent of contract work that Custom has performed. However, we can share that our substantial capabilities include large-scale industrial fabrication, hydraulic press manufacturing, heated platen production, large assembly weldments, pressure vessel manufacturing, cutting & forming, blasting & painting, and industrial fixture tooling. 




Before the NIST 800-171 registration can be sought, the first steps in qualifying for government contracts include registering for a CAGE Code and completing the SAM registration process. 




CAGE is an acronym that stands for Commercial And Government Entity. A CAGE code serves as a unique identifier for a business that is seeking to operate in the Defense space. CAGE numbers are assigned and managed by the Defense Logistics Agency. The data this agency collects helps our government keep tabs on all entities that are eligible to bid on government contracts related to defense work. This tracking has national security implications as it helps to ensure that any irregularities in Defense contracting can be spotted promptly.


When Custom Engineering submits bids for government contracts, our CAGE code is linked to information including our warehouse location, capabilities, and previous contracts granted.




SAM (System for Award Management) registration is needed by any organization seeking to bid on or receive payment related to federal contracts. While defense contractors like Custom Engineering need SAM to receive compensation, this registration is required by entities that also include non-profits and even state and local governments. Without a SAM registration, contractors cannot bid for contracts, and they would not be able to receive government funds for their hard work without it. 


By obtaining and maintaining both our CAGE code and SAM registration, Custom Engineering had the prerequisites needed to register for NIST 800-171 compliance in place. While this may seem like an extensive process, our team believes in handling our fabrication work in an orderly manner. We know that these programs play a key role in maintaining oversight of the Defense industry and national security and are always ensuring that the fabrication jobs we take on are completed within the bounds of these regulations.




Our sixty years of experience in engineering, large-scale manufacturing, and fabrication have allowed Custom Engineering to become a leader in the government project contracting field. Expertise, capacity, logistical abilities, and excellent qualifications make us a go-to source for large-scale, precision manufacturing. Contact Custom Engineering to find out how you can benefit from our quality work as a trusted NIST 800-171 Registered Fabricator for Defense Industry.


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