Refurbished Platens for Hydraulic Presses

Custom Engineering / Oct. 4 2022

Choose Custom Engineering for Refurbished Platens for Hydraulic Presses in Erie, PA

Even the most well-designed hydraulic press platens are bound to be impacted by wear and tear or even damage if they are used frequently. Regardless of the direct cause of this platen wear or damage begins to impact the output of a hydraulic press, you may grow concerned about the costs and challenges associated with replacing the impacted platen. At Custom Engineering, we offer cost-effective platen refurbishing solutions to get your presses back into working order in a timely fashion and can even help convert existing steam platens to utilize fluid to more effectively complete different jobs or existing work more efficiently.

Our 65 Years of Experience Can Help You Avoid a Costly Industrial Platen Replacement

If you are starting to experience reduced quality or a complete halt in production of a hydraulic press due to platen damage or wear and tear, you may already be budgeting for a costly replacement. Instead, we recommend leaning on the expertise wrought from our 65 years in business and a long history offering refurbished platens for hydraulic presses in Erie, PA. These decades in business have seen our team take on some of the most complex hydraulic press platen refurbishments and repairs. With this experience at hand, we can take on some of the most challenging industrial platen refurbishment projects to help you avoid costly replacement. 

An ISO 9001 Certified Shop Ready to Refurbish Hydraulic Press Platens and Increase Effective Lifespan

The sooner you contact us after identifying platen wear or damage, the better. Refurbishing or repairing a minimally impacted hydraulic press platen is always a simpler process than trying to restore a severely damaged platen. Some of our frequently completed jobs include work intended to restore parallel and flat specs to platens that have grown misshapen due to wear and tear from frequent use. Simpler jobs intended to fix minor wear and tear and extend effective lifespan are more cost efficient and quicker than heavy-duty hydraulic press platen refurbishments, but we gladly take on more complex jobs too.

Platen wear can be easy to spot as product quality begins to slip, but platen damage will impact your work suddenly following events like pressing accidents. If you are dealing with the fallout from a pressing accident and need repairs promptly, we are here to offer cost-effective and prompt repairs. Contact us today to discuss your platen’s wear or damage with a member of our team, so we can discuss your needs internally and offer a quote for the necessary repairs.

Custom Engineering Modifies Existing Steam Heated Platens to Heat with Fluid

If you are considering the benefits of utilizing fluid heat rather than steam heat in your company’s press platens but are concerned about having to replace an entire press, Custom Engineering offers solutions beyond refurbished platens for hydraulic presses that can help. Rather than creating or purchasing an entirely new hydraulic press platen, you can contact our team to discuss what would be needed to convert your steam heated press platens to utilize fluid instead. While steam to fluid platen modifications are possible, a new platen purchase may well prove to be the most cost effective solution and our team will be able to make the right recommendation following our discussion.

A Large Facility and a Willingness to Take on Challenging Platen Refurbishments and Repairs

Custom Engineering is headquartered at a 200,000 square foot facility in Erie, Pennsylvania and staffed by highly skilled machinists and engineers. We put our size and previously mentioned experience to work to our contract customers benefit. Thanks to our size and skill, we can take on and complete numerous major jobs at once across our multiple teams, which allows us to quote prompt lead times offer refurbished platens for hydraulic presses in Erie, PA. Do not let platen damage or wear impact your production for another day, contact Custom Engineering today to request a quote!

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