Steel Plate Surface Grinding

Custom Engineering’s expertise in industrial precision surface grinding helps them provide finished metal fabricated parts that meet customers’ exact specifications. For projects requiring a high degree of flatness, parallelism, and a superior smooth finish, Custom uses surface grinding to remove stock by employing an abrasive, high-speed rotating wheel. Custom uses the Supertec surface grinder to meet parallelism tolerances up to +/- .0001” on materials up to 80” in width, 118” in length, and 18” in height.

steel plate surface grinding

One of the Largest Blanchard Grinding Facilities in Northwest Pennsylvania

Blanchard grinding, also known as rotary surface grinding, is one of the most accurate, efficient, and cost effective methods of finishing flat surfaces on various heavy metal materials. Blanchard grinding is unmatched in its ability to remove large amounts of surface stock in short amounts of time with extreme accuracy for large area industrial steel and metal materials.

For ferrous metals including stainless steel and steel plate, a rotating flat magnetic chuck holds the material in place. As the chuck rotates, the material is positioned under the vertical grinding spindle with a cylindrical grinding wheel, removing stock from one side and then another to create the method’s trademarked “cross-hatch” surface finish. Custom uses specially designed fixtures to position non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and non-magnetic materials during the grinding process.

Blanchard grinders combine the inherent rigidity of the vertical spindle and the broad abrasive surface of the wheel to deliver high-powered grinding without loss of accuracy. The skilled operators at Custom deliver extremely close flat and size tolerances to .001” for large scale fabrications.

Custom Engineering Industrial Surface Grinding Capabilities

Custom has the industrial surface grinding equipment to accommodate large scale metal fabricated parts and deliver superior surface finishing with extreme accuracy and precision.

Supertec Horizontal Surface Grinder

  • 80” width
  • 118” length
  • 18” height
  • Up to 32 RMS surface finish
  • 0.0001” Parallelism Tolerancing

Blanchard/Rotary Grinding

  • 72” rotary table
  • 84” swing
  • 22” height
  • Up to 63 RMS surface finish
  • 0.0001” per linear foot
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